Relieving a Loved One's Anxiety When Entering a Memory Care Facility

Posted on: 8 December 2015


Alzheimer's is classified as the condition in which the brain begins to degenerate causing a person to lose their memory. This can be frightening for both the person experiencing the condition and their close family and friends. At times, the disease can get so severe that it hinders the person from living their normal life and performing routine tasks. In an effort to keep the person safe, oftentimes it is recommended that they go to live in a memory care facility, such as Valley View Retirement Community. This helps during episodes in which the person may forget who they are or what they were doing. With the help of the medical staff at the facility, the person is in no real danger. With over 5 million people living with Alzheimer's, it is likely that someone you know will encounter this disease. Here are steps you could take to help make the transition easier for your loved one moving into a memory care facility. 

Communicate with the Facility

In order for the memory care facility to fully care for your loved one and their needs, they need to know a little information about the Alzheimer's patient. This goes beyond the medical information they are provided by the doctor. They need to know what your loved one's hobbies are, what they value, and even their past. This will help the staff really connect with your loved one and get to know them better. 

Stay in Touch

When your loved one moves to a new place, it can be difficult to go visit as often as you would like. You too have a life and people who depend on you. It is crucial that you make time for your loved one and keep a regular schedule of visiting them. By having a consistent time that you both agree with, everyone knows when the visitation will occur so no one is left in the dark. It also gives your loved one something to look forward to when having a bad day. 

Bring in Some Memories

Having your loved one forget about special memories that you two shared can be very sad. In order to help them during the time they are away from home and help jog their memory when they forget, you want to be sure there is plenty of memorabilia around for them to look at. Everything from photo albums to pictures to keepsakes can make the new place feel more like home. When the future starts to feel a little uncertain, your loved one can retreat to the past by checking out their memorabilia they have with them.