How To Spread Holiday Cheer For Your Senior Living-Bound Loved One

Posted on: 12 December 2015


If your senior loved one resides in a senior living facility, you probably feel better in knowing that he or she is getting proper care and that he or she is in a safe place. However, you might worry that your loved one does not enjoy his or her new home, particularly during times like the holiday season. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can spread holiday cheer for your loved one during this exciting time of the year, so try these tips to put a smile on your loved one's face all season long.


Your own home probably wouldn't feel too cheerful if you didn't have your holiday decorations in place, and a senior living facility can feel less than cheerful when a person is used to decorating his or her home for the holidays. Consider bringing in a tabletop tree, poinsettia, and other holiday decorations that can be placed in your loved one's room or senior apartment. If you have children or if there are little ones in the family, consider asking them to make nice holiday decorations to hang in your loved one's room or apartment.

Take Your Loved One Shopping

Many senior living facilities have no problem with residents' loved ones taking them off-site to go shopping or to enjoy other activities. Call the senior living facility ahead of time to find out about taking your loved one shopping for the holidays. Your loved one will probably enjoy the opportunity to shop for holiday gifts, and simply getting out and about during the holiday season can help put him or her in the mood for the season.

Bring in Holiday Treats

What are the holidays without the food? Consider bringing in holiday treats for your loved one to munch on throughout the season, such as a plate of holiday cookies or a pretty candy jar or bowl filled with holiday-themed candy. Just make sure that you abide by any nutritional restrictions that your loved one may need to follow, such as by baking sugar-free goodies or purchasing sugar-free candy if your loved one is diabetic.

Encourage Visitors

It can be easy to forget to stop by the senior living facility when people are so busy with the holiday season. However, visitors can make your loved one's day, so make a point to stop by regularly and to encourage family members to do the same, even if they can only stay for a few minutes.

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