Why A Senior Should Opt For An Assisted Living Community

Posted on: 13 December 2015


Have you decided to move in with a relative because you are a senior who needs a little help every now and then? Rather than moving into a family member's house, you may find that an assisted living community is a better option because it allows you to have your own home. Discover below what you should know about living in an assisted living community so you can decide if it is right for your needs.

Why Should a Senior Opt for an Assisted Living Community?

If you don't have a serious health condition that requires you being closely monitored, an assisted living community might be the perfect environment for you as a senior. You won't have to worry about anyone checking up on you unless you ask for the assistance. For instance, if you are suffering from short-term memory loss naturally from age, you can call on a nurse to help you with locating items if you forget where they are (keys, glasses). You can also receive prompt medical attention if you feel like your blood pressure is higher than usual, such as if you start feeling dizzy or get a constant headache.

Another reason to opt for an assisted living community over living with a relative is because you will have your own apartment. The apartment will look normal, only it will be one that is handicap accessible to make things a little easier for you. There will be rails in the shower and the doorways in your apartment will be wider than average in case you ever need to use a wheelchair. Although you will have the privacy of your own apartment, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of cooked meals, housekeeping, and assistance with getting dressed.

What is the Average Price of an Assisted Living Home?

The price for an apartment home at an assisted living community can vary. There are many things that can play a role in the overall price, such as the number of bedrooms and type of community (upscale, average) that you choose. The estimated monthly price that you can expect to pay is over $3,200 for a one bedroom apartment home. Some assisted living facilities charge an extra fee if you want meals and help with housekeeping. Stop by an assisted living community and take a look at a few apartment homes to determine if you want to live in one!