How To Know If Independent Living Is Right For Your Loved One

Posted on: 15 December 2015


Many people today are uninformed and confused about options available for elderly individuals. When looking for the right place for your aging parent or loved one, it is important to understand the differences between the various available options. The following are three of the most common: (there are other options and variants available):

  • Independent Living: This type of environment or home is for aging individuals who still have their wits about them and can take care of personal hygiene, cooking, and other personal needs. However, they may desire the comfort and pleasure of being around other individuals their age for meal times or activities. Retirement homes are often grouped into this category. If your loved one is able to cook meals, eat, bathe, and do laundry independently and safely, then this is a good option for them.
  • Assisted Living: This type of living is for those individuals needing help with personal needs, like bathing, but do not need the 24-hour care associated with a nursing home. Their minds are still active, but their bodies may not be as agile. This type of living may be best if your loved on is mentally able but physically unable to accomplish personal care.
  • Nursing Home: The term "nursing home" is often used as a blanket statement for all elderly care facilities and homes, but this is not the case. Nursing homes are primarily for individuals who can no longer meet their personal needs, such as eating or bathing. These homes are also typically for those that are not at full mental capacity in their aging years. If your loved one shows serious signs of aging that exceed the typical mild hearing or memory loss (such as Alzheimer's), a nursing home may be the best route.

Once you understand that there are many different types of living environments for the elderly, you can better determine the best fit for your aging parent or loved one. You will want the best fit between the chosen facility and the individual. This means comparing the capabilities of your loved one to the requirements and care given at the facility or home. If, for example, your loved one has a mind that is agile but needs some assistance in bathing, a nursing home may not be the place for them. Just remember that there are many options out there to give your loved one the best place to be while they grow older. The aging deserve to be happy, too.

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