Senior Living Decisions-3 Strategies For When Siblings Disagree

Posted on: 20 April 2016


One of the hardest decisions family caregivers face is deciding where their aging parents will live. While many seniors prefer to age in place, there often comes a time when developing health problems make it unsafe. For many adult children, one of the biggest surprises regarding senior living decisions is that the resistance comes not from their parents but from their siblings. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies you can use to get your siblings to agree upon the best living arrangements to protect your parent's wellbeing.

Arrive Armed with Facts

Holding a family meeting is the best way to get all of the members of your family in one space so that you can talk about your loved one's needs. Before the meeting, find out everything you can about the assisted living options in your area. Once your sibling knows more about the type of care your parent will receive, they may be more receptive to hearing your reasons why a new residence will be beneficial.

Take Them on a Tour

If your parent is looking forward to the freedom they will enjoy at a new home, then include them in the discussion with your siblings. If your brother or sister is still reluctant to move your parent, then take them for a visit to the prospective home and let them see the many amenities that are available. For many older adults, having assistance with their daily routine offers them the freedom to truly enjoy their senior years.

Talk to the Staff with Them

The staff members at assisted living facilities are experienced in talking to families about the benefits provided by their program. Invite your sibling to go speak with the home's professionals before they refuse the option. Encourage your sibling to ask questions about the staff's training, the types of care options offered and what daily life is like for the seniors. Seeing the facility in person and the happiness of the residents living there may be all it takes to help your sibling shift their perspective.

Senior living arrangements are one of the most common sources of family conflicts when it comes to caring for aging parents. Yet, choosing an assisted living facility, such as Grace Assisted Living, does not have to end in a sibling squabble. By being patient with your sibling and presenting them with the facts about senior living, you can help them come around to the idea that your parent will benefit from a higher level of care.