• The Rise Of Assisted Living

    The baby boomer generation has created a new wave of real estate adjustments. When the generation first started retiring, the real estate in warmer climates, like Florida, increased substantially. Now that baby boomers are needing more assistance for daily care and medical help, the need for facilities to treat them has also increased. With so many looking for this care, assisted living has become a top option for many individuals because of independence, cost, and ease of transition.
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  • Senior Living Facilities For Couples: What You Need To Know

    As a couple ages, it is likely that the health status of one person may require more care than the other. In some situations, a spouse may need the assistance that comes with living in an assisted living or skilled nursing center. The problem, of course, is dealing with the potential separation caused by a move to one of these types of senior living facilities. Fortunately, many facilities offer the option for couples to stay together.
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  • Adult Day Care: Dancing & Gambling Might Enhance Your Loved One's Health

    You care for your aging loved one, and you want to give all that you can.Talking to him or her is great thing, and taking your loved one to his or her regular checkups is important. But there is still more that you can do, like allowing your loved one to interact with people of a similar age.The following are a few reasons why social interaction at an adult day care center may be a positive thing for your loved one.
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